Field Notes – A newsletter

Dear you,

Want something a little more personal? I am bringing back the practice of sending letters and would love to deliver some to you. 

Every day I scratch something in my notebook - musings, sketches, questions, realizations, poetry - and the collection of images I continue to create only gets larger. This creation quietly happens offline and serves as the mine of raw materials I pull from for the larger work that I eventually share online with you or through clients. There is so much left behind that never sees the light of day. 

I want to share this intimate stuff with you, and hopefully put forth something timely - rather than the more timeless character that publishers tend to favour. 

Care to join me? Drop your email address in the box below to begin receiving digital letters from me - a little something I'm calling Field Notes. And when I do slide into your inbox, I hope you’ll hit that reply button and stay in touch too. 



Sketch of David Quiring writing in notebook