David Quiring - Visual Storyteller - Portrait Image

Who is David?

David Quiring is a photographer and writer hailing from the prairies of central Canada. Venturing out from his home in Winnipeg, David is drawn to the wild places of the world with a deep interest for understanding the greater ecosystem in which we are all part; translating direct experience into a shared narrative with camera and pen always in tote.

As a documentary photographer and photojournalist David approaches life curious and watchful, preferring to move at a human pace and dance with life's unpredictable moments rather than motor past them. In this way he witnesses fleeting moments that give him reason to raise camera to eye, translate distinct vision into an image, and begin telling the story unfolding in front of him.

David's photographic collection conveys a deep respect for both humanity, the natural world, and the important intersection between. At this critical convergence lies the most important humanitarian discussion of our generation: conservation of the ecosystem in which we all live within and depend upon. Freezing moments in time, David’s images ask the viewer to also slow down and appreciate our constantly changing world and how each of us moves through it. Weaving words with the imagery, he hopes to be a part of this ongoing discussion and movement towards positive change.

David is a strong believer and advocate for the survival of long-form journalistic storytelling, which is reflected in the photoessays that make up his personal portfolio and his ongoing work with others. In a world that seems to be moving to quickly consumed imagery, David is mindful of what might be left behind and continues to form his body of work around the tenet of quality over quantity. Day by day, he refines his craft and vision into something that is unmistakably his own.

David is also the host of the Contemplative Creative podcast project, where he periodically delves into some of the deeper philosophical issues of living in a dynamic and modern world. His goal: uncovering insights so that we can each choose to live more intentional lives with meaning. Feel free to join David in that little corner of the internet as well!