Afterwords Japan – A pop-up newsletter

Hello! And welcome to a brand new pop-up newsletter: Afterwords Japan: Through the Torii Gate - an experimental offshoot of the Intersections newsletter.

What in the world is a pop-up newsletter, you ask? Well, it's a newsletter that will disappear once it's done. 

Here's the plan: this newsletter will be published daily from May 7-31, 2022 and share words, images, and sounds from exactly three years ago in Japan - a special trip that has left its indelible mark on my soul. Sign up now or anytime during the month to time travel with me as we retrace the journey.

There will be a couple of pilgrimages of sorts; to an unassuming coffee shop that is a leader in the evolving international bean scene, and also an immaculate old temple that is a root of the simple meditation practice I do every morning. We'll travel in the blink of an eye by bullet train and spend a week walking from one countryside town to another. I'll probably even tell a story about the first time I used a bidet, which I'm certain will have you laughing at my expense. 

When the month is over, the email list will self-destruct into nothingness. So follow freely without fear of your inbox taking a step further into a state of overflowing entropy.


This pop-up newsletter finished on June 1st, 2022.
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