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A blizzard doesn’t arrive with the surprise that it used to. Watching the radar, murmurs of what may be coming are uttered from the lips of weather reporters and citizens alike. Parking bans are set on city streets, pantries are stocked, and commuters set their alarm clocks a little earlier than usual in hope that they will be able to get to work at all.

When the rumoured weather does arrive, there are two choices: seek shelter, or step out into the storm. Personally, I …

Snowfall Wallpaper

Snowfall Wallpaper

The sky is falling! No, not really. Just some wet spring snow has been falling on the city of late. However, it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to imagine that to someone who has never really experienced snow it just might feel that way.

Winter can be a long season and, though there are days I find myself daydreaming of feeling the suns warmth again, I really do appreciate the change of seasons. I don’t think it is just the artist in me that says snow is beautiful.…