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A website facelift.

Dear reader,

It has been five years since I last overhauled the design of this website, and a lot has changed over that time! Not only has the focus of my photography and writing clarified, but so has the way we consume online content. To my eye, it was time to overhaul www.davidquiring.com from the ground up to utilize some of the new web features out there, so as to make the viewing experience even better.

“Who is this speaking all this tech-talk?” some of you may ask. Well,…

A promo video of sorts for the Idea Spark iOS app.

I’ve been thinking of doing a promo video showcasing the Idea Spark iOS app for a while, but I just couldn’t decide how I wanted to do it.  The current trend amongst startups is to release glossy marketing videos with upbeat music, but in all honesty I am personally very tired of this sort of communication between creators and their customers.  Seeing something generic like that has very little impact on my own saturated senses, and I figure I’m not the only one.

So I …

On the go.

Long time no post. It has been a busy winter. I’m still here, and I’m doing good. I hope that you all are as well. Looking back, I can see that the cold weather and limited sunlight have subconsciously discouraged me from taking out my big camera as much as I would like. But it’s also a nice reminder that any camera is better than no camera, and so most of my recent photos have been taken with my phone.

You may have already noticed, but I would like to draw attention to my “On The …