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Reaching for the night sky.

Some of you might not know this about me, but back in the day I studied astronomy at the University of Manitoba.  There was of course the necessary prerequisite knowledge that we studied in the lecture hall, but as we got further into the program we were able to literally take our studies to the stars.

Twice a week I would head out with a team of students to the Glenlea Astronomical Observatory to log time on an immense telescope pointed at the dark night sky.  Taking…

Sunsets Are Nice, Twilight is Nicer.

After watching the solar eclipse out at Steep Rock the other night, we loitered around and enjoyed the sunset while we were still able to without being chased away by mosquitoes.

In nature’s consistent march the sunset was succeeded by the blue hour: that hour after sunset where there is neither full daylight nor complete darkness, but a wonderful in between.  While most people head back to their shelters after bidding the sun farewell until the morning, I like…