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The road to California – Part 6: Familiar territory.

(continued from Part 5: Coast)

Covering so many miles, seeing so many new things, constantly exploring places you didn’t know existed…a road trip is certainly an adventure.  Like all good adventures though, the rewards come with an exhaustion that slowly builds up.  There is a sort of comfort in the familiar; a quiet sense of permission that it’s ok to relax – that you don’t need to constantly be active.  Coming full circle and now retracing our tire marks on the…

Rocky Mountain Postcard

Would you believe me if I said that this postcard is a few weeks late because it got lost in the mail?  Okay, I didn’t think so.  In reality, I have been busy wearing my app developer hat since getting home.  Apple released iOS 8 while I was out of town, which meant that there was was a pile of work waiting for me.  Yadda yadda…I won’t bore you with the details, but suffice to say that the code is now complete, changes are in, releases are in the queue, and now it’s time to put

The road to California – Part 3: Desert.

(continued from Part 2: Mountains)

Heading south from Montana, mountains give way to plains, plains give way to canyons, and finally the canyons give way to desert.  Elevation drops, temperature rises, and RVs start to fill up the campgrounds everywhere.…

The road to California – Part 2: Mountains.

(continued from Part 1: Prairie)

Approaching the mountains from the prairie is a unique experience.  Your map tells you that you’re getting close, but after so many hours of seeing field after field drift by it is a bit hard to believe.  Then you begin to see something on the horizon.  Of course you question whether your eyes are just playing tricks on you, but there is a seed of hope that it is more than that.  Once past the doubt, excitement begins to set in as the wall…

The road to California – Part 1: Prairie.

This past spring, Adrienne and I embarked on a road trip to California.  We took 38 days to cover a meandering path of asphalt, gravel, and dirt, finding freedom in simply pitching a tent when and where we needed.  Our route took us from prairies to mountains.  Then deserts, the coast, and even a couple bustling cities.  We saw and experienced a lot, but still only scratched the surface of what these places have to offer.

Routinely we would drive a lot in a single day,…

Printed, Mounted, Delivered, and Displayed.

These three photos, from part of the larger road trip I embarked on this summer (State 3: Utah!), will be on display at the Millennium Library in the Blankstein Gallery.  They go up today (November 2nd) and will be on the wall until November 29th.  If you happen to find yourself with some free time in downtown Winnipeg over the next month, I invite you to pop in and take a peek.  Take a trip back in time and gaze upon artefacts of print media… I say that in jest, but honestly…