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Idea Spark App – now available!

Hi.  I’m David the software engineer.  Yes, this is the same David that normally posts here, but at the moment I am wearing my software engineer hat.  Since this website focuses on photography, I don’t don this hat much here.  It is a conscious choice to keep my web presences separated for clarity’s sake; even so, these skills constantly support each other in my day-to-day work.  When developing a website, I can build up media that is specific to my clients’ …

Zombies Fire Dance?

And here I thought zombies and fire didn’t get along.

Yesterday was Winnipeg’s annual zombie walk, where the undead get together to enjoy some zombie culture.  Kicking things off at The Forks were the Undead Fire Performers who got the crowd fired up before taking to the streets.

Matlock Pier Wallpaper

Matlock Pier, MB, Canada

I suppose you could say I have decided to start decorating desktops for people, because I’m now going to share high resolution wallpapers here.  To view all the wallpapers in the future, select the Wallpapers category in the blog menu and a list of all the wallpaper posts will show up.

To get things started off, this is an image I shot in the twilight before sunrise out at Matlock, MB.  This quiet little town is on the edge of Lake Winnipeg.  It…

Camping Season

Camping season is upon us, and every weekend that I manage to sneak away from the city really is respite for my soul.  Days stuck in shoes are balanced with days barefoot in a field; the noisiness of city night life is balanced with the noisiness of insect night life.

Funny how contrasts helps you appreciate both ends of the spectrum.  Hot days and cool lakes.  Sunshine and stars.  Sunsets and stormy skies.  Sweaty bodies and cold beers.  Friends and mosquitoes.  …

Diving Bunaken: Under the sea

Diving is adventure.  Diving is exploration.  Diving is going somewhere that few have gone before.

I love exploring.  When I look at the map of the world, I am overwhelmed by all the places I’d like to visit, by dreams of seeing things I haven’t seen.  Initially when you look at a map, most people immediately focus on the land, the continents, the idea of foreign places around the world and images they’ve seen of these places flash through their head.  But take your focus…

A (Partial) Solar Eclipse

Photography aside, a friend and I decided to drive up to Steep Rock on Lake Manitoba to get out of the city last Sunday (May 20th).  It was a planned coincidence that it just so happened to be on the same evening as a partial solar eclipse was happening.  I took a couple snapshots of the sun through a filter that resembles a piece of welding glass, but quickly realized that photos just didn’t do the event justice.  Better to just sit back and enjoy the show with my eclipse…