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Winnipeg Folk Festival 2015 – A retrospective.

Ah, the Winnipeg Folk Festival: a gathering around music, art, and community that pops up in a prairie field for five days every year.  Exactly two weeks from today the 2016 festival begins with the Crooked Brothers kicking things off on the main stage.  Spending time with good friends (both old and new), discovering new music, and happening by chance upon unexpected joys…I’m looking forward to another year barefoot in these fields as an official festival photographer.…

Winter on the Prairie Wallpaper

Winter on the Prairie Wallpaper

It is winter on the prairie and the holiday season is just around the corner. This is a scene not too uncommon along the backroads of Manitoba. Old farm homesteads like this lie abandoned all over the province. People are starting to demolish them for safety reasons but a few still stand sentinel on prairie fields.

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