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Christmas is coming, and wintery greeting cards are flying out of the workshop.

It seems a lot of people still love sending print Christmas cards, and it makes me glad to know that I’m not the only one!  I am humbled by the amount orders and requests I’ve received regarding print products over the past weeks – thanks to each and every one of you who thought of me and value that which I create. Personally, I have been loving the opportunity to work with my hands and turn photos into tactile treasures for you.

A couple weeks ago, I had received an email from…


Has anyone tried this new airbnb thing? People rent out there rooms to travellers passing through. Seems to be much cheaper and more authentic than hotels, and a bit more comfortable than some CouchSurfing situations might leave you. I’m going to be spending some time in Vancouver in a couple months doing a yoga teacher training and I think I’m going to try this out.  Just signed up for my account – link me up!

This link will get you $25 off your first stay: