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The road to California – Part 5: Coast.

(continued from Part 4: Land of the Giants)

Winnipeg, the starting point for this whole journey, is located at almost the exact center of North America – pretty much as far from any ocean as you can get.  At this point in the trip, to roll over yet another hill and see the endless blue horizon stretch out across the sky was quite the milestone.  Crossing California’s dry interior, we reached the refreshing sea air just a bit north of Los Angeles.  Here, at a crossroads…

The road to California – Part 3: Desert.

(continued from Part 2: Mountains)

Heading south from Montana, mountains give way to plains, plains give way to canyons, and finally the canyons give way to desert.  Elevation drops, temperature rises, and RVs start to fill up the campgrounds everywhere.…

Postcard from Death Valley

Emerging from Bad Water in Death Valley, where the elevation is 282 feet below sea level, this sign gave us hope that we would make it out of the valley.  Driving to the lowest point in North America sounds simple, if simply put.  But, even with a car, it is an unnerving experience.

The road starts at an elevation of about 3000 feet and a sign warns that there are no services for the next 100+ miles.  With quick glance at the fuel gauge and one another we only hesitated a moment…