Intersections newsletter: A fresh start.

Big news! Edition number one of my rebooted newsletter is in the wild!

It has been redesigned (for simplicity), renamed (Intersections), and rebooted (the counter is back to zero for a fresh start). This is the heart of where I’ll be pouring my creative efforts over the next while.

I’ve moved to a new service for sending and managing these: Buttondown. It’s run by a team of one and is stripped down to the basics, making it perfect for what a newsletter should be about: writing and connecting with you. And for those of us with the obsessive affliction that is design inclination, it also has web development hooks to customize it to your delight.

This newsletter is to be a place to explore the creation of new work; where the spark of an idea need not be sheltered, but instead fed and nurtured. These aren’t going to be book writings (though maybe one day they’ll be fodder for one). They aren’t going to be diaries (but there will be bits of me sprinkled in for flavour). They won’t necessarily follow the formal guidelines for syntax or style (…word play is the new foreplay?).

The new name flows from a personal draw to explore the intersections of contrasting ideas. Where wilderness meets humanity, traditional meets modern, innovation meets responsibility…these confluences are full of potential.

Everything is interconnected, and perspective allows us to better understand how actions inevitably ripple out into the ecosystem. This is where I’m going to aim the discussion. Weaving through the winds of organized chaos, we’ll see where we land.

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Intersections Newsletter - a screenshot of the header in the first edition email

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