A blizzard doesn’t arrive with the surprise that it used to. Watching the radar, murmurs of what may be coming are uttered from the lips of weather reporters and citizens alike. Parking bans are set on city streets, pantries are stocked, and commuters set their alarm clocks a little earlier than usual in hope that they will be able to get to work at all.

When the rumoured weather does arrive, there are two choices: seek shelter, or step out into the storm. Personally, I almost always opt for the latter. There is something invigorating about turbulent weather; breathing in the strong wind, moisture, and charged air, one can feel alive in the presence of a force much larger than any one of us. There is so much beauty in these powerful transitions, so when they come I step out to meet them with all of my senses: sight, sound, smell, and feeling. In an urban setting where we put so much effort into controlling our environment, it is both literally and figuratively a breath of fresh air.

Last week, we had a snow day in Winnipeg (nicknamed Winterpeg for the extreme winters the city is known for). Upon waking to the quiet minimalism out the window, the city remained quiet as I strapped on my heavy boots to step out into the elements. With my camera in tote, I aimed to capture the true feeling of Winnipeg winter with this series of images. Whether you are a fellow Winnipegger or someone who has never seen snow in person before, I hope you enjoy this set of photographs.

Osborne Village Bridge in winter storm

A winter storm arrives in the city.

Cross country skiing on the Assiniboine River in a winter storm

A cross country skier puts fresh tracks on the river.

Snowy silhouette on the Osborne Bridge

A snowy silhouette crosses the bridge.

Walking up the Assiniboine River

Frozen rivers become natural footpaths.

West Broadway intersection in a snowstorm

Stop, and go.

A typical Winnipeg neighbourhood in a winter snowstorm

A neighbourhood tableau.

A child plays on the snowy streetside.

A child plays on the snowy streetside, rolling a large snowball that’s sure to be the base of a memorable snowman.

Classic Winnipeg apartments in their natural monochrome

Classic apartments in their natural monochrome.

Apartment window grid

Neighbours in the neighbourhood.

Whiteout on the trail

Whiteout on the trail.

Wet snow sticks to a tree - macro

Wet snow that fell sideways in the strong wind persistently sticks to a tree.

Snow covered tree branches silhouetted against the sky

Winter is a season of beautiful minimalism.

A cross country skier in a winter snowstorm

In the storm.

A cross country skier on the Assiniboine River in a winter storm

Disappearing into the distance.

Low visibility in a winter storm

Low visibility.