A website facelift.

Dear reader,

It has been five years since I last overhauled the design of this website, and a lot has changed over that time! Not only has the focus of my photography and writing clarified, but so has the way we consume online content. To my eye, it was time to overhaul www.davidquiring.com from the ground up to utilize some of the new web features out there, so as to make the viewing experience even better.

“Who is this speaking all this tech-talk?” some of you may ask. Well, my career used to be that of a computer scientist so it may be something in which I am more knowledgeable than you may know! Though I no longer wear that hat full-time, my interest in technology remains and I keep one toe (and both ears) to the ground in that world.

Moving forward with this website, I want to continue to cultivate it as a place to present my work as I would like it to be viewed. Social media has it’s place, but honestly I’m not that interested in the mindless visual consumption it encourages. For me it is a good place for deepening relationships and sharing glimpses into life behind-the-scenes, but it is too piecemeal and ephemeral for me to consider as a place to put up any more serious work. When I’m looking for inspiration or to envelop myself in someone else’s presented story, I’d much rather sit down with a cup of coffee and read something complete that has been carefully put together – and my hope is you will too. As such, moving forward I am going to continue to publish my visual stories here and rely on using my newsletter more as a means of connecting you to my work. Please sign up if this interests you.

Though much of the front end of this revamped website remains consistent with the branding I’ve been building for years, both the backend and frontend have been completely rewritten. Moving into the future, this solid foundation will allow me the flexibility to build new features that I’ve been thinking of for a while.

I invite you to take a peek at some of the new features that have already integrated:

  • An interactive map pinning photoessays to the place that they depict (this is something I’ve been wanting to do for ages but just couldn’t build on the old codebase)
  • A more robust “bigger picture” home page
  • Fully responsive code means that browsing should be seamless, clear, and enjoyable on any sized device you may be visiting from
  • SSL encryption across the whole website (to appease Google’s security criteria and my own personal privacy values)
  • Nested comments on posts to make it easier for us to have public discussion on things (but you are still always welcome to get in touch directly!)
  • A more powerful search page, with category and date filters

All in all, this little corner of the internet of mine is a place I’m building to facilitate sharing and connection. As always, thanks for visiting and please do make a point to connect with me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or directly here. I truly appreciate your attention and readership.

With gratitude,

Browse photoessays on an interactive map

Click here to browse photoessays I’ve written on an interactive map – a new website feature I am quite proud of!