Nopiming with a paddle.

In classic Canadian fashion, this past weekend I headed out to Nopiming Provincial Park in Manitoba with some close friends for a quick canoe trip. Taking advantage of the unseasonably warm late-October weather this was to be our last hurrah before the snow came, and I couldn’t have asked for better weather or company.

Here are some photos of good people, their beards, a couple canoes, and, of course, the beautiful wilderness of Canada; for which I am all grateful.

Strapping canoe to vehicle on the road

The first challenge is to get the canoes out of the city, across the prairie, and into the Canadian Shield.

Paddling canoe in a calm river

In the water, the nearest road quickly falls away into the distance behind. This narrow river near the beginning of our paddle acts as a barrier that keeps motorboats from passing, and beyond it, we enter wilderness.

Moody weather as seen from the canoe bow

Moody weather as seen from the canoe bow.

Hammock tent camping in the trees

Under threat of rain, we quickly made camp…

Camp and campfire.

…and campfire. (pictured: Colin Vandenberg)

Daniel Crump and his Polaroid camera

Fellow photographer Daniel Crump having fun with his classic Polaroid camera.

Matthew Sawatzky portrait

A portrait of Matthew Sawatzky.

Campfire company.

Campfire company.

Friends around the fire under the starry sky.

Watching the stars come out while gathered around the fire.

Fisherman on Booster Lake

Fishing for breakfast.

Canoe paddler in late October sunshine

Late October sunshine treated us to one last weekend of comfortable camping weather to finish the season.

Canoe scenery

An idyllic day for paddling.

A canoe cuts through autumn reflections.

A canoe cuts through autumn reflections. Soon the snow will fall and the water will freeze; until next year!