Postcard from the Canadian Rockies.

Yellow Larch Valley meadow amidst snowy mountains

Autumn meets winter in Larch Valley.

It’s shoulder season again – my favourite season – and we’ve just been chased down from the alpine of the Canadian Rocky Mountains by bad weather.  The sky had been threatening all morning, but in the mountains such threats make no promises one way or another so we went ahead and hit the trail up to Sentinel Pass.  Hours later, the weather finally materialized overhead and a cold wet snow blew heavy in our faces with the summit of the mountain pass only a few steep switchbacks out of reach.

Respectful of Mother Nature and her moods, we retreated back down the mountain to this meadow (pictured), hunkering down in the protection of the tree line.  Sheltered at the base of an elder Engelmann Spruce, we sat alone in the quietness that comes with a fresh snowfall and watched the distant, shrouded peaks don their first layer of snow for the long winter ahead.  With bright larch trees in the foreground showing their distinct bright yellow as they shed their seasonal needles, autumn meets winter and my heart is glad.

These are amongst my favourite moments in life to bear witness…the fleeting transition, that so few of us get to see, unfolding right before my eyes.