The framing question.

Seeking out a frame for a purchased print?  A frequently asked question comes up from people who buy prints from me: “Where can I go to find a quality frame for my new print, without breaking the bank?”

It’s a question I’ve asked in the past too, and pursuing an answer has yielded frustrating results.  The lack of framing options out there never ceases to surprise me.  We all have homes and want to decorate them in ways that reflect our own personality, but there seems to be little between “low quality and oddly sized frames from the local big box store” (I’m looking at you Walmart) and “custom frame shops that more often than not only stock gaudy frames that haven’t been able to get out of the stock room since the Victorian era.”

In my home at least, I seek out simple, thin, and deep gallery-style frames that highlight the art and fit in with the rest of my decor.  Where art thou, frames of my dreams?

If you’re in the United States, there are some great online frame shops where you can order a custom frame for a great price.  In Canada…not so much.  I would recommend out of Victoria, BC, however I believe the minimum order over there is for five frames.  Wherever you live, my first recommendation would be to check out your local options: Michael’s (which always has sales going if you check their website) or otherwise.  The cost of shipping of ordering frames online can be cost prohibitive.

All that said, I placed a bulk order for some frames the other day and am happy to announce that for local orders I can include a nice frame for your 13×19″ print purchases for only $75.  Sorry distant friends and Etsy purveyers; shipping a framed print is too expensive for me to offer to you right now.

Frame specs:
-Matte black wooden frame: 3/4 inches wide and 1 inch deep
-Fits 13×19″ art (signed matte border is on the same paper as the printed image)
-Glass glazing (if shopping for a frame yourself, any glazing is suitable for my prints – protection against sun damage is accounted for in ink and paper choice)

UPDATE (June 18th): These have been selling fast!  Of the dozen frames purchased, only two remain available.  If interested, please get in touch quickly as these were unfortunately only a one time buy.

Framed Polar Bear Print - Portrait of David Quiring

Fresh out of the studio and ready to be delivered to a happy customer: a sleepy polar bear print seems perfect for inspiring sleep in a bedroom, don’t you think?

Framed Aurora Borealis Print - Portrait of David Quiring

Or if sleeping’s not your thing, gaze at the aurora borealis from the mosquito-free comfort of your home.