Happy Mother’s Day! (slash: soft Etsy store opening)

Mother's Day Greeting Card

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s out there!  You ladies are superheroes without the capes.

This is a card I made for my Mama Bear – and when I say made, I mean photographed, cut, printed, and even cut/hand-folded the envelope.  As some of you may know, six months ago I bought a photo printer and since have been quietly working to understand the art of print making – in doing so being able to control every fine detail from the moment my camera shutter released to the final print that is exactly as I envisioned it.  As someone who was never satisfied with results coming back from the larger print shops, this is super exciting for me.

One of the products I’ve been working on is greeting cards.  Made from nice and thick paper, each card is blank inside with a high quality matte print on the front and a description on the back.  They come in sets of six, and are curated around specific themes.  A major design consideration was to try and encourage the longevity of each printed photo; each print pops out of the card so that it can be enjoyed even after the mantelpiece is cleared.

These cards went through several design iterations, going back and forth with designers, authors, and photographers across Canada.  In other words, I sent prototypes to talented friends and then we talked nerdy about them.  Thanks folks (you know who you are!) – I’m pretty happy with the final results and hope you are too.

So today, I’m quietly announcing the soft opening of my Etsy store – a place where I am going to be slowly building up inventory of greeting cards, monthly print subscriptions, fine art prints, and other useful print products I have in mind.  There are several curated greeting card sets right up now and the shop linked to on my new shop page: Aurora Borealis, Japanese Gardens, Polar Bears, and The Road Less Traveled.  I invite you to check out what’s available, and maybe even consider picking a set or two up yourself the next time you are needing greeting cards.

And on that note, back to spending the day with mom.  We’re making steak, and I’m pretty excited about that too.