Frozen at Lake Winnipeg.

I am not a bird that flies south.  Rather, a winter escape for me is to leave dirty city streets behind and seek out a spot where the snow is still pure white.  This year, the escape was to a cozy cabin on the blank canvas that is Lake Winnipeg.

Blustery Prairie Highway

The city quickly disappears behind as we drive the blustery road north.  Conditions like these aren’t great for driving…

Adrienne Snow Portrait

…but they sure are beautiful when you’re out of the car.  The big snowflakes covered everything with a fresh white blanket.

Lake Winnipeg Ice Fishing Hut

At the edge of the world, there is a fishing hut.

Drilling ice fishing holes

And our friends own one of these huts.  In the midst of a cold snap (steady -30 degrees celsius weather), the ice auger was just long enough (at ~5 feet) to get through the thick lake ice.  The wood stove in the hut kept the four of us more than warm while we caught dinner.

Standing on Lake Winnipeg Ice

Windswept, there isn’t much snow actually on the lake.  Walking out on the ice, you often are directly on the ice.  That, or on snow packed so densely it is like walking on firm sand dunes.

Reeds in snow drift

Towards the edge of the lake however, deep snow drifts build up and are quite the obstacle to get past if you’re forging a new trail.

Man on the horizon

The scene is beautifully minimalist and refreshing.

David Quiring Portrait

A portrait of myself, warm and happy.

Tire tracks on Lake WInnipeg

You really need to know what you’re doing when venturing out here – it can be very remote and harsh should you run into a problem.

Hecla Island Lighthouse at night

On our last evening, we hiked out to an old lighthouse at the tip of Hecla Island.  With only a vague idea of where it was, we headed out after dark on what turned out to be a several hour adventure.  Snowshoes would have been a welcom tool, but we made it out to the point with high spirits mainly from laughing at ourselves as we sank into snowdrifts up to our chests.  It was a beautiful, frosty night to enjoy this remote piece of Manitoba wilderness.