Idea Spark App – now available!

Idea Spark App Store Screenshot

Idea Spark is now available!

Hi.  I’m David the software engineer.  Yes, this is the same David that normally posts here, but at the moment I am wearing my software engineer hat.  Since this website focuses on photography, I don’t don this hat much here.  It is a conscious choice to keep my web presences separated for clarity’s sake; even so, these skills constantly support each other in my day-to-day work.  When developing a website, I can build up media that is specific to my clients’ brand – photos, videos, audio, etc (maybe I should call this my multimediographer hat instead of my photographer hat).  Similarly, my skills as a computer scientist let me build a website that showcases my visual work exactly how I want people to see it.

So why am I blurring the lines all of a sudden?  Well, it is because I have developed a new tool for photographers (for all creatives, actually) that I want to share with you.  This tool fits in your pocket, costs less than a cup of coffee, and can help you get started on your next creative project.  It is a creative little app called Idea Spark.

Photographers, authors, painters, cooks…all of us sometimes get stuck coming up with new ideas.  As with most things in life, the hardest part is getting started.  That’s where this app comes in: the short, clever phrases you generate are seeds for your own creative interpretation and exploration (great if you’ve hit a creative block or are looking for a challenge).  You can keep the generated ideas as random, or tailor the results to your needs, such as focusing on people or textures, emotions or lighting.  A multitude of customizable combinations using the curated themes and contexts is possible from the 85,000+ unique ideas (and growing!).

Amidst the overwhelming amount of digital noise out there, I personally found myself wanting something that simplified and streamlined ideas that could spur me forward out of creative blocks.  My goal was to make something that I couldn’t find available from the ton of apps available already.  From finding ideas for daily (365) photo projects, to seeking inspiration from a hometown landscape where everything is familiar, or looking for focus when there are too many options, I created Idea Spark to help drive my own creative process.

Maybe it could inspire you to flex your creative muscles too?  That is my ultimate goal for what this might do for people – inspire creativity.  Check out the website for details and screenshots here, give it a try, and let me know how it goes.  The design of the app itself is meant to be its own form of inspiration; hand-drawn illustrations coupled with a clean and simple look means that the Idea Spark app doesn’t look like all the others.  This design principle embodies the very thing this app aims to inspire within you: to create something unique and individual in a world where much is the same.

Happy New Year to you all.  May this next calendar year bring you even closer to where you want to be.  Keep on living the life creative.