The Crooked Brothers

After months on the road, The Crooked Brothers threw a homecoming party at the West End Cultural Centre a couple Fridays ago.  Oh, and they also were celebrating the release of their new album: “Thank You I’m Sorry.”  Take it from me, you should check it out: it’s streaming here.

The crowd, seated.

The place was packed.  Seats were claimed quickly, so the latecomers made themselves comfortable lounging on the floor; until it quickly turned into a dance floor that is.

Introducing the brothers

Introducing the brothers: Jesse, Matt, and Darwin (left to right).

The sound booth

The sound mixologist quietly dials in the levels at the back.

Feeding off one another

A Crooked Brothers show is full of talented musicians picking up different instruments as the night goes along, feeding off one another’s energy to get into a toe-tapping rhythm.

Matt all over the mic

Matt bringing some serious energy to the microphone.

The brothers

The brothers.

Darwin on his harmonica

Darwin soloing on stage with his harmonica as he performs “Mean Mean Baby” from their new album.

Darwin on the slide guitar

Darwin on the slide guitar.

Matt steps up to the mic

Matt steps up to the mic.  You can tell these guys have jammed together a lot over the years – they play so smoothly together, stepping in and out of the spotlight for each other.

Jesse and Darwin

Jesse sings, Darwin plays.  Actually, more like: Jesse sings and plays, Darwin plays.

View from above (ie: the balcony)

An intimate venue.

Crooked Brothers with native american throat singers

The brothers’ friends, Kerri and Kathleen, were in town from Rankin Inlet and joined the musicians on stage with their voices.  Being traditional Inuit throat singers, it was a very special ensemble.

Energy is rising nearing the finale

Upbeat songs building on upbeat songs really got the crowd moving as the fellas got into their groove.

Stage lights

Dust stirred up from the dance floor does its own dance across the stage lights as the crowd files out.