Rocky Mountain Postcard

Bow River Postcard

A recipe for staying warm on chilly nights along the Bow River: a stoked fire and a strong double IPA from home (Half Pints: Humulus Ludicrous).

Would you believe me if I said that this postcard is a few weeks late because it got lost in the mail?  Okay, I didn’t think so.  In reality, I have been busy wearing my app developer hat since getting home.  Apple released iOS 8 while I was out of town, which meant that there was was a pile of work waiting for me.  Yadda yadda…I won’t bore you with the details, but suffice to say that the code is now complete, changes are in, releases are in the queue, and now it’s time to put my photography toque back on.

As some of you may know, I disappeared on a road trip up to the edge of the arctic circle this past August and September.  Well, disappear might not be the right word.  A travel first for me, I was posting to my Instagram account along the way.  Friends and family were able to check and make sure I hadn’t been eaten by a grizzly bear, and new friends (read: strangers) were given a window into the often wondered about, but more rarely seen, beauty of the north.  I was honoured to be noticed by the folks at Hello BC and Travel Manitoba, and happy to join the social media team of the former and contribute to an upcoming printed book for the latter!  Overall, the feedback was great and I was happy to be able to share the trip this way.  One of my main goals whenever I press the shutter button on my camera is to inspire others to get out and live life more fully, and this proved to be a great way to do just this.  In the future, I may not always be able to stay so connected on the road (due to different technology and/or safety restrictions of places), but I will certainly try to when I am able.

Being a bit old school in the matter, I only post photos to Instagram that were taken with my phone.  This means there is still a lot of gold from my SLR to be mined on my computer right now.  Beginning selections, I am excited by what I see.  Stay tuned – there is much more to come.