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Lately, I have been finding that social media’s utility to get content in front of people who really want to see it, has been steadily declining.  The algorithms that control what gets seen are constantly changing and, now that many of these companies have made the move to be publicly traded on the stock market, content is being held back unless the creators pay extra fees.

One of my my main mantras is “Quality over quantity in all ways, always.”  I know that I am not alone in this desire for quality content; in fact I am humbled by my followers because I see that hunger in them as well.  The average time that someone spends on this site hovers around five minutes each visit.  In an era where most people consuming digital content are constantly scrolling and not truly processing that which is in front of them, this number is very high and makes me happy.  I would rather have a hundred quality followers instead of the inflated follower counts on social media networks any day.

My hope is that this subscription service will suffice to be my main method of connecting with each of you.  Subscribe here, receive one e-mail each month (no spam!), and read at your own leisure, perhaps with a warm cup of coffee or a loved one.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and for coming back time and time again.

Fuji X100 Camera

One of my tools of the trade.

UPDATE: After much experimenting, I have decided to change the format to be quarterly rather than monthly.  This way it is less load each of your inboxes, but still shares the content which I have put a lot of effort in to creating.  Also, expect written personal updates on the going ons behind the scenes. Thanks to all those who have already signed up, and if you haven’t yet please don’t hesitate to subscribe.