National Geographic Photo Contest – My Entry!

Hello friends!

Ever since I was a young lad I’ve been enjoying a monthly fix of National Geographic.  My Dad has been collecting every issue since before I was born, so there was always a little window into remote parts of the world on our coffee table.  He would read me excerpts to help me understand the strange images that were very different than what I’d seen in my backyard, or even the zoo.  When I had a school project that required research he would help me go through his collection finding relevant information (this was back before the Internet so it was quite the godsend).  He even let me cut out photos from his treasured magazines for my science projects.  I faintly remember him telling me that when he was younger it was his dream to be a photographer for National Geographic.  I can’t be sure of the origin, but this is a passion that I now most certainly share and very possibly was imparted from my father.

I have a photo entered in the National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest this year.  It is titled, “A Jungle Stroll” and is from my time in the Togian Islands of Indonesia almost a year ago now. (Map)  It is a long shot that my image will be noticed amid the masses who have already submitted, but I do have hope that it will actually get in front of one of the judges.  It’s a long process but in the meantime if you could go take a look and “like” the photo I think it will have a better chance of getting exposure.  Please and thank you!

My contest entry