Frosty Winnipeg

It has been a beautiful winter in Winnipeg this year.  I missed a good chunk of winter last year as I was travelling around Southeast Asia, and I really missed the seasons.  There just isn’t enough contrast between the wet and dry seasons for me.  As such, I find I’m appreciating winter more than ever this year and am already eagerly anticipating spring.

About a week ago we had 3 days straight of ice fog.  When it cleared, the contrast of hoar frost against the blue skies was surreal.  And, as luck would have it, it was on a Saturday morning when I actually had time to enjoy it!  I decided that it was balmy enough that I could take my film camera out for a walk and finish off the roll of film that’s been in there since autumn.  I just got the developed roll back and, as I’m banging my head against the wall going through the tedious task of scanning it, I thought I’d share a little photo post with you all.

The first two photos are scanned film negatives.  The others are bits and bytes from my digital camera. 🙂