Hello world!

Welcome to the new photography website! Please make yourself at home.

A few things:

  • This site will be less bloggy than what came before. It will also be less about staged portraiture and wedding photography which, after I explored it for a few years as an apprentice and business of my own, I’ve come to realize is not a direction I would like to continue in.
  • This theme I’m using is minimalist. I chose this because I wanted the focus to be entirely on the content. Inspired by the simple photoessay format of The Big Picture on the Boston Globe website, I will be designing things to be published in a clear way with captions accompanying each photograph.
  • I’m following the minimal viable product approach on this – beginning before completion, and iterating as things move forward organically. Although it’s sparse relative to what was here before, it will get denser – but smartly so.
  • The current logo is temporary while the other one is getting designed by someone much more talented than me.
  • I’ll be adding photo essays here as I find time and will eventually catch up on content. All you people who have been begging me for some photos from Asia, they are coming.

So ummm…yeah! Welcome to the new place!