Songkran Begins

The thunder rolled, the rain came down, and Songkran started two days early this year.  We were walking down a street coming back from our Thai massage lessons and a woman sprinkled water on us saying “Shakti” – translating to good luck as we came to the moat.  After a bit of wandering where I felt like a soldier in a war zone without a weapon, I was soaked.  The water festival has turned into a big waterfight that goes ‘til the 15th here in Chiang Mai – it’s particularily crazy around the moat, but you can’t walk any block without getting a bucket of ice water dumped on your head.  We picked up some buckets and joined in the fun – seeking vengeance of course.

It’s pretty cool seeing the Thais and foreigners “play” with each other – oddly a lot get by pretty disjointly on other days.

There was this one dad who was driving his boy around on his motorcycle.  The boy had his little water gun and mischief in his eyes.  His dad stopped right in front of the bar our growing group was camped out at and he opened fire.  His smile only got bigger as he got soaked with return fire.  What a great dad.

That’s all I have time to write at the moment – seems I already have some catching up to do.  I’m able to grab some stills off my little point and shoot now, but still haven’t had time to convert the RAW files from my dSLR so…few to none pictures for now but it’s better than nothing.  Until next time…